The Ceramic Center is a not-for-profit ceramic studio established in Baroda in 1998. The Ceramic Center continues to build upon its legacy by supporting upcoming generations of ceramic artists – expanding its diverse community of creative professionals, offering expertise and infrastructure, and creating an environment for ceramists to produce meaningful work that pushes boundaries.

Advisors & Facilitators - Jyotsna Bhatt, Jyoti Bhatt, Ira Chaudhari, Kristine Michael, Ray Meeker, Jyoti Patel, Reshma Patel and Ananya Patel

Offerings & Facilities

The Ceramic Center has a range of equipment and infrastructure available to those working at the studio. The Center creates its own signature clay body, formulated from locally-sourced materials. The studio also creates and sources other types of clay for various uses.

In 1997, the Center built its first wood-fired kiln – the first wood kiln in the region, and a feature that is still unique to the Center in Baroda. There are primarily 2 kilns for use - a wood kiln (22cft), and a gas kiln (12 cft). The Center has a host of potter’s wheels, a glaze room with various glazing materials and tools, and other equipment for making moulds, slabs etc. The Center is open for artists who need support and infrastructure to create new bodies of work. It is also open for residencies, national and international art camps, and knowledge-sharing workshops. More information on these opportunities will be shared as they come up.