and the Ceramic Center

Jyotsna Bhatt was a pillar of the Ceramic Center since its inception in the 90s. Her spirit and legacy continues to be a guiding light for the Center and a source of inspiration for the many artists who have learned from and worked with her. In her memory, the Center launched in 2021 the ‘Remembering Jyotsna Bhatt’ ceramic camp series.

Bent over the wheel, gently lifting a ball of clay to magically turn it into a tall vase specifically designated for a bunch of tuberoses. Neat slabs of clay arranged with deliberate lightness, resting a bright eyed cat in a basket. A sigh and fall of her slight frame as she stood at the steps of the wood-kiln, when a glaze on her pot turned out a degree different from what she had expected…the maroon powder bindi remained the only bright spot on her face then. She would circle around the piece for a while…And then put two hands together, arms close to herself, and exclaim…“Chaalo!!” moving quickly to start all over again.

Jyotsna Ma’am, Jyotsnaben or ‘JB’ as she called herself in her glaze-book, whetted most of us like a lump of clay that was ready to be wedged, kneaded, shaped, tapped, beaten, pinched or sometimes set to be cut-to-form, or to face the fire. It is during these cherished moments that she left marks and reflections on our memories. She embedded her impressions on our rawness and openness. With these deep influences and inspirations, a group of us came together in the space that she has nurtured with warmth.

-Jyotsna Bhatt's students and mentees