‘Chalo Kaam Kariye’: Remembering Jyotsna Bhatt

‘Chalo Kaam Kariye’: Remembering Jyotsna Bhatt
A ceramic art camp followed by a group show of ceramics
The Ceramic Center & The Distillery, Alembic Art District

This exhibition was a culmination of a two-week ceramic workshop held at The Ceramic Centre in honour of Jyotsna Bhatt, with a hope to spread her light and spirit that she left within the community. The Ceramic Centre, which was her studio base for many years, has nurtured and guided emerging talent to support an ever-growing community of artists for nearly 25 years. The artists invited to participate in this exhibition have all trained under Jyotsnaben’s tutelage and share immensely personal and emotional connections with her. The works in this exhibition have been created with clays and glazes that Jyotsnaben herself used and shared with these artists. Starting this period of collective participation with the same “Chaalo Kaam Kariye!” energy that she embodied, each of the participating artists have created pieces that carry the spirit of Jyotsnaben with inspired memories, of incidents, training and cherished moments that translate into abstract forms and glazes of colour and clay.

This was the first of the Remembering Jyotsna Bhatt Ceramic Camps, led by Rakhee Kane.

Participating artists:
Anju Pawar
Devesh Upadhyay
Dipalee Daroz
Hina Bhatt
Kavita Pandya Ganguly
Khanjan Dalal
Neha Pattnayak
Nehal Rachh
P Daroz
Panthini Thaker
Rakhee Kane
Sanket Patel
Shampa Shah
Sukhdev Rathod
Vinod Daroz
Zaida Jacob