From the Center: Exhibition of Ceramics

From the Center: Exhibition of Ceramics
Group of works made at the Ceramic Center
Gallery Art & Soul

From the Center marked 12 years since the Center formally established. The show explored the Center's role within the wider framework of creativity of clay, as well as the world of ceramic art and patronage, in India. This show celebrated the work of 42 artists who have created pieces at the Center.

It has long been the ethos of the Ceramic Center to lend support to ceramics as a creative medium and to provide a platform for ceramists and artists who are willing to experiment in this medium.

Since its inception over fourteen years ago, the Center has offered a conducive environment for budding, as well as, established artists and artisans; and it has been gratifying to see the energy and effort put into so much work of such high quality which has culminated in this proud endeavour bringing together some of the artists who have passed through its doors in this premier exhibition at Gallery Art & Soul Mumbai.

We appreciate the contribution of the artists and look forward to widening vistas through future projects. - The Ceramic Center, 2010