Ghadai: by the potters of Kutch
Khamir in collaboration with the Ceramic Center and Fondation d’entreprise Hermès
Bhuj, Vadodara and Mumbai

“Ghadai” is a pottery exhibition conceptualized by Kutch-based NGO Khamir, to showcase the handicraft of the Kumbhars, potters of Kutch. The exhibition traced the history of the Kutch potters, as well as present exceptional pottery pieces created especially for the project. The word “Ghadai” refers to the name of the unique and highly skilled technique used by traditional potters to create large objects of pottery. The project began with a tracing of the history of pottery in the Kutch region, where the team from Khamir travelled through different villages, talking, interacting and filming the artisans in order to be able to compile a comprehensive history of the craft. The final result is an exhibition that showcases the pottery of Kutch, its archaeology and 7000 year-old history and the social relevance of not just the craft but most importantly of the potter - known as the “prajapati”, lord of the people. Artists from the Ceramic Center visited the potters at Khamir in Kutch, where some of the displayed pieces were made. Some of the potters came to work with the artists at the Ceramic Center to recreate ancient terracotta vessels, as well as large scale and non-traditional pottery forms, decorated in their traditional motifs and colours. The pieces were exhibited in the Hermès showroom at Horniman Circle, Mumbai in February 2015.

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